Shanna Carter.  A Community Leader you can TRUST

Dear Neighbors,


Like you, I am concerned about the future of Jacksonville and Its potential to be one of the State's most progressive and successful cities.  I'm ready to serve as your trusted City Council Member for District 9 because I know that Jacksonville's future depends on giving every person in every neighborhood the high-quality of life and success they deserve while giving support and opportunities for business growth.

Our city, including District 9, is at a crossroads, and our city council has the authority to decide which path to take. We can move forward by focusing on safety, education and economic sufficiency. We can set an example for by appointing councilmembers who are trustworthy, ethical, accountable, and have the best interests of a residents at heart.

I value the community's trust and confidence and believe it is critical to providing a quality representation for every constituent in District 9 and Jacksonville as a city. It requires all of us to collaborate through policy making and community involvement.

As a member of the Jacksonville City Council, I will work within the community to ensure that the voices of my constituents, both adults and youth are heard as well as understanding the needs of our businesses in District 9. Working together, I am confident that we can provide every person in District 9 and Jacksonville with the success they deserve.

I look forward to earning your support and your vote on March 21, 2023. 


Ready to Serve, 

Dr. Shanna Carter

My 4 Areas of Effectiveness for an

Improved Jacksonville

Why Is Shanna the Right Person, At the Right Time, For the Right Reason?

I am the right person, at the right time, for the right reason because I have a wealth of experience working with our community, my lived experience, my daily interaction and assistance to our most underserved communities daily, my assistance to non-profits and small business owners with resources and opportunities that are not readily known, my 13 years of community work with our juveniles, at-risk youth and assistance to returning citizens.  Within my first year of relocating to Jacksonville, I lived in what was considered the worst apartment in the city.  Then I obtained a section 8 voucher to move to a better neighborhood with my child. While moving, I decided to enroll in college.  I was a Section 8 participant for only a few years while I obtained approval to become a Habijax homeowner (later a Speaker for the organization).  I obtained an AA degree, Bachelor’s Degree and after moving in my home, I obtained a JD (Law Degree).  I founded a non-profit organization to help at-risk youth.  This organization started in Eureka Gardens and Washington Heights which gave those young people opportunities to experience greater in life.
I have what it takes to understand my community at every level because I have had to overcome obstacles to reach levels of success.  I am the example of how one can start from nothing and become successful in our wonderful city. 


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Shanna Carer, Democrat, for Jacksonville City Council District 9